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CMM Inspection





 Do you have the part and need Inspection report.

 3D Magic is an one stop solution for both your hardware and software needs regarding CMM Inspection.
 3D Magic brought proven technology in the field of inspections and validations. The comparisons between physical part and cad model or between two physical parts. The result emphasis minute details and up to microns accuracy.

Laser tracker scanner is used for inspections of Fixtures with Verisurf software interface.


NON CONTACT METHOD:  Used mostly for checking first article items. Here CAD to part (Scan) is quickly superimposed for checking the deviation.






















CONTACT METHOD INSPECTION:  Touch probe inspection for small and medium parts is done inhouse. For large parts like fixtures, big castings, assemblies our portable cmm and tracking facility can be moved onsite. Surface design vast experience in this field will be added advantage for checking complex assemblies, etc.