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 MicroScribe® articulated-arm digitizers and portable CMMs, along with the industry's leading software packages, let you easily, quickly, and affordably construct detailed computer models, perform accurate part inspections, and complete reverse engineering projects.



Baces3D is a manually operated 5 or 6-axis measurement arm that, thanks to high precision sensors, allows you to measure the surface of real physical objects of any shape, size or material. By simply tracing the surface of any physical object with its measuring point you will be able to have the exact coordinates of space transferred to your personal computer by RS232 serial link.


 Faro Arm enables highly precise 3D measurements of both large and small parts in production.

Faro Gage is a portable CMM that allows for accurate measurements across a wide range of Industrial applications.

Faro Laser scanner is high speed 3D scanner for detailed measurement and documentation.