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                       Verisurf: Built on today’s most powerful, robust CAD system.


For over a decade , Verisurf has set the standard for model based inspection, reverse engineering and tool building. As the common software platform for all types of measuring devices-including stationery CMMs, portable CMM arms, laser trackers, scanners, and many other types of existing and emerging technologies-Verisurf has streamlined the manufacturing process and set the standard in industrial applications worldwide.




                Model based Inspection(MBD).

Verisurf’s Basic System reads all native CAD file formats including IGES, STEP, AutoCAD, Inventor, Pro-E, SolidWorks, SolidEdge, CATIA, Unigraphics/NX and numerous others. This flexibility means that you can easily work with any CAD model – solid, surface or wire frame.

A fundamentally important component of the CAD-based platform, Verisurf Model Based Definition (MBD) lets users set unique IDs, tolerances and GD&T in the model for any surface, feature or other critical inspection item. In effect, you avoid error and speculation as well as reduce costs throughout the manufacturing process.

The Basic System also includes the proprietary Verisurf Device Interface (VDI). This powerful interface connects and controls virtually all measuring devices, including stationary and portable CMMs, laser trackers and scanners, and many others. With the VDI, you can effortlessly select and control your chosen device. All devices have a common user interface.



The Virtual Gage

Known as the Virtual Gage™, Verisurf Build displays deviation with the probe’s movement as you inspect the part in relation to the nominal CAD model. After quick alignment to the CAD model, simply measure error in the manufactured part with Build’s live, intuitive interface. Literally see part-to-model deviations, coordinates and assigned IDs – all in real-time during inspection.

With Verisurf Build, you eliminate hard tooling while ensuring accurate, expedient manufacturing for quality control.



Feature based inspection

Interfacing in real-time with any measuring device – including stationary and portable CMMs, laser trackers and scanners, and various others – Measure lets you easily measure features from precise single points to point clouds. Set unique GD&T constraints, see the device graphically displayed on your screen, plus smart tools automatically recognize and display features while you are measuring.



Inspection data to CAD model comparison

Whether it is from CATIA, UG, Pro-E, SolidWorks or another CAD system, Verisurf Analysis lets you import the nominal CAD model and compare it against both internal and vendor inspection data. Customizable "best-fit" capabilities innovatively determine the optimal fit between the data and the model. For reporting, Verisurf Analysis generates Excel-based text and HTML-based color reports, including color deviation mapping for clear, practical analysis.



Powerful, versatile reverse engineering software

Working with measured data from any measuring device, Verisurf Reverse automatically creates surfaces, features and planar, grid or radial cross sections to create precise CAD models.Re-engineer CAD surfaces, use AutoSurface to reverse engineer complex surfaces or use mixed modeling to blend STL meshes, surfaces and solids in one design. Providing a fully integrated, comprehensive solution, Reverse also creates meshes from point clouds in the form of an STL file for surface analysis or manufacturing.