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3D Magic is an authorized Reseller of Verisurf Incorporation for there software "Verisurf" Sales and Service Support in India.





Verisurf Software, Inc. is a metrology software development company committed to delivering premier, field-proven computer-aided inspection and manufacturing solutions for aerospace, automotive , energy, medical technology, and a broad spectrum of other manufacturing operations.We offer the most powerful, efficient and competitively priced Model Based Definition (MBD) software suite available today, bringing measurement metrology to the paperless factory. 


CMM Inspection!

Traditional Quality inspection technique using Co-ordinate Measuring Machine (CMM) which measures in contact with the object (Probing). CMM are great for capturing prismatic features. Our portable CMM provides all benefits of traditional CMMs with an added flexibility like, they are light in weight and can be ported any whereto measure (the machine goes to the part).

For the flexibility the machine can be fixed anywhere on the part and part inspection can be carried out even on the negative angles..





3D Scanning

We offer 3D Scanning services using world class Laser Scanner, White light scanner &  Photogrametery system. 3D Magic offer in-house services for small to large, light to heavy, sensitive or confidential parts. We offer 3D scanning for wide variety of parts & materials, starting from 1 mm to 30,000 mm or more in size.

Our portable and handy scanner has a medium field and depth of view as compared to the other scanners. This also means that this scanner is most effective when digitizing medium-sized objects: a face, a torso, a lamp or a motorcycle exhaust pipe.

Reverse Engineering

We provide full range of reverse engineering service, where we help in replicating / modifying existing designs. The input can be anything from sketches to old parts, to old dies or even point data of the part to be reverse engineered.
 We also provide digitizing services. 
Here we do white light scanning to CMM scanning depending on the complexity of the job. The point data obtained is transferred to point processing and reverse engineering software to produce surface model of the component. The quality of the same can be from Class B to class A level.